Citizens for Sustainability


The goal of CiFoS is to mitigate anthropogenic causes of climate change by working with the public, via campaigns and events, to bring about a behaviour change. It also works with the business and government to support this goal.

How do we achieve our mission?

Making sustainable development goals work involves people changing the way they do their everyday business and the choices they make in doing so. Action on the ground is a critical piece to closing the loop on measurement to impact. CiFoS has proven its capability to make the action work through it measurements, campaigns and impact evaluation approach.

We are looking for partners, interns and volunteers to take the next leap in catalysing impact.


Cycle Day . Walk to School . Footpath Beku . Cycle Stands . Metro station accessibility


Plastic Ban . Rent A Bag . Segregation . Tree Mapping . Air Quality


Food Street . Vending zones . Black Spots . Enforcement . Complaint management . Benchmark Index

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